More than any person I’ve met, Amy is able to get people to agree on price/terms. She does this by being honest, providing local insight, and simply being a genuine person. When Amy is involved I get better pricing and terms, both on the buying and selling side. Amy has assisted me in these capacities.

James Wiltz/Listing Agent, Buyer Representative, Consultant

Amy went above and beyond to close a deal that seemed impossible to many agents before.  Her experience and knowledge is superior to anyone I have seen.  I would not hesitate to use her over and over and I recommend her to anyone that asks.  The gap between Amy and other agents is vast in my opinion and she is exactly who I want on my side when making large investments in real estate.

Chris Oakley/Buyer

My wife and I found Amy to be the hardest working realtor we have ever had the pleasure of engaging. To say she went above and beyond is an understatement. She had a unique ability to “see around corners”, anticipating issues, making us aware of all options we had at our disposal. She managed all negotiations with a deep knowledge of the TN market which made things very easy on us. We were in the position of living in Florida in our new home while our TN home was on the market so this put a huge burden of “handling” things at old home while we were in Florida. She handled coordinating contractors to address some small and some large issues that needed to be addressed which included replacing an ice maker, repairing a dishwasher, getting rid of furniture we left behind, etc. She was amazing! Amy was basically our “easy button” when it came to taking care of all things associated with this sale. She never loses her composure in dealing with challenging requests from the other party. Amy is the ultimate “get it done” realtor. We highly recommend her.

Roger & Edna Cheek (Seller)

I was not at all surprised when I heard Amy had won Realtor of the Year.  Her professionalism and knowledge are amazing.  She tirelessly helped me find the “right” home/investment.  I remember her trudging along with me one December to over 24 houses, none of which was right.  Yet, when I got her email about a week later saying “this is the one”, I had full confidence it was the one!  And 3 years later, I am still in love with it! I was moved several times with my former company and had worked with other professional Realtors.  All of them were helpful, and glad to talk me through the process, etc.  However, a couple of ways Amy really stands apart from her competition is the creative ideas she has for the contract/negotiations.  For two of my purchases with Amy, her ideas about a contract element is what helped me win the bid in a highly competitive market – and not even win it on price!  The other area that is noticeable from the other Realtors I have worked with is how well she figures out what is important to ME, sometimes for things I didn’t even realize myself.  I have and will continue to recommend her any time I can.  I’ve already bought 3 properties with Amy’s representation.

Terri Ramsey Buyer & Investor

We used Amy as our Realtor and she was great! We met with her in January of 2017 and moved into our home by March! The market moves fast, but a lot of that is due to her work of sending us options, taking on home visits, etc. She kept things moving for us. When we finally settled on a home, she helped us put together a really compelling offer (since we were paying cash, we were one of the lower offers and had find creative ways to make our offer compelling enough to win. It didn’t hurt that she’s well connected with the Nashville real estate scene, with relationships with other Realtors handling the other side of the sale. We didn’t have any problems with Amy and would recommend her. After we purchased the home, she kept us updated on things that weren’t even really her job (for example: reminding us to pay property taxes).

Andrew Kallemeyn/Buyer

I was referred to Amy in when I was selling a single family home (co-owned) in the Crieve Hall/South Nashville area. She was so easy to work with and very professional. I went back to her when I started looking for a condo/townhome to purchase a few years later. We hit several bumps in the road  that were beyond our control but she stands up for her clients and makes sure you get the very best service. I would recommend Amy to anyone looking to buy or sell a home in Nashville!


Amy was wonderful to my husband and I. She was truly a God-sendwhen we bought our home in the Green Hills area of Nashville, Tennessee. We can’t say enough good things about her.


We were referred to Amy when we decided to buy a house in the Nashville area and she helped us find the perfect home for us. She managed the negotiation process quickly and professionally and made the entire process easy to understand and painless. When I was transferred for my job the following year, we knew that we wanted to work with Amy again on the sale of our home. From the time she listed the home to the time we closed on the sale, it was barely over two months (and this was during the massive housing recession).

Amy is kind, fun, proactive and flexible. Everyone we’ve recommended her to has worked with her and seen amazing results.

Adam & Austen Tully-Buyer/Seller

Amy’s the best I would recommend her to anyone. Very professional full-time agent. I’m a working professional and a Nashville native. I really couldn’t have imagined anyone better to work with. A+++.

Amy has been our broker on five properties over the last thirteen years. Each transaction has been seamless and a pleasure. Amy is not only our agent, she is a true friend.

Mike Gambill Buyer/Seller

Amy is the absolute best. Without her experience and skilled contract writing, there’s no way we would’ve “won” the housing war. We moved and had to prepare our other house to sell. She gave great recommendations, uses excellent inspectors and our home technically sold prior to it being listed. She is professional, down to earth and trustworthy. She went above and beyond. I would recommend her wholeheartedly.

Preston & Julie Davis (Buyer & Seller)



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